Wednesday, April 16

New beginnings: Back after a year and a day

My eyes fluttered open, but the room was still dark. It was too early to get up. I sighed, adjusted my pillow, and hoped for sleep. Unfortunately, a lengthy to-do list bombarded my brain. I needed to finish reading modules, compile formulas and notes from college discussions that I deem helpful, research about a job, find answers for the endless list of questions in my planner, and the list goes on...
Surprise! Graduation cake from our dorm-mates! 
I've been overwhelmed and worried by a lot of things ever since this new chapter of my life. I've spent four of my years learning, studying, and memorizing yet I still feel like a child fed with food and not getting the adequate nutrition that she's expected to have. Although I want to pursue a post-graduate degree, financial capability is hindering me from the things I wish to grasp. They say that education is the best investment for your future but is education alone, sufficient? We can't deny the fact that many companies prefer applicants coming from the top universities hence university names still and will continue to matter. I'm not saying i'm unsatisfied with the degree I earned nor the university I graduated in, in fact I'm very thankful for my hardworking parents for sending us to one of those top universities.

Flaxseeds from Healthy Options. Delicious on your oatmeal. Healthy. But my mom took too much of it so it gave her a thyroid problem. Watch out for my blog post about this.

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Saturday, April 20

Korean food at Hanayo 하나요 (korean food review). 맛있어요!

I haven't been writing for quite some time. I guess saying I have a lot of things to do is just another excuse, but really I had a lot of things to do! Ever since OJT started, I have been losing more of my time online T___T

Before ending 2012-2013 school year, we decided to eat at Hanayo (Dapitan branch). It's conveniently  located near the gate near our building, at Antonio street along Dapitan. However, the street itself doesn't seem at all fancy and nice because it's not clean lol but i assure you, at Hanayo it's clean and the food is delicious! Plus!!! There's a bunch of korean magazines that you can read while waiting.

맛있어요 is ma-si-sseo-yo, it's what koreans say when they want to say "It's delicious/It tastes good" or when thanking for a meal after eating. Let me throw a few korean lessons on the side (since I've been studying a few korean online) keke~

Bibimbap 비빔밥
Solo - P150 / Double - P280

We ordered two Bibimbap Double that time! Bibim means mixed and bap means rice. Bibimbap's ingredients are served unmixed plus a separate gochujang (korean hot pepper paste), and it's up to you to mix them. You can add gochujang depending on how much spicy you want your bibimbap to be. If you're not sure what to order, I suggest bibimbap because I haven't met someone who dislikes this dish yet (meaning: appeals to everyone)!


Friday, March 22

Review: Laneige Pore Clear Essence

Last year, on the day I went to Unica Hija for the style makeover, me and my friend were give a sample of Laneige's pore clear essence. Laneige is a korean brand from Amore Pacific that's a bit expensive for a student like me and I've only tried their highly coveted Sleeping Pack EX (which I will do a separate review) so I'm glad to receive this for reviewing~

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