DIY: Diminish dark under-eye circles at home

Push that red exit button now if you're telling me you haven't scratch your eye/s, ever. Scratching our eyes or running our fingers along it is probably a part of normal life. Why do you scratch your eye? Could be because it's itchy, or you feel sleepy or you cried. Either way, they are considered as tired eyes.

DOs: So here are some remedies for tired eyes!

1. Rose water

- Soak cotton ball and apply to eyes once a week.

2. Cucumber

- Place a slice each on your eyes & rest for around 10 minutes to reduce stressed eyes.

3. Potato (shredded)

- Put on top of eyes to reduce black circles. Let it rest for around 10 minutes.

4. Sunflower oil

- Every night after you wash your face and have removed your makeup, before you go to sleep, stand in front of a mirror and gently massage sunflower oil on the skin (do it gently, unless you want to stress your eyes and have wrinkles). Sunflower oil has properties I don't know of that makes skin even, applying it before I go to sleep is a part of my regimen.

5. Tea bags

- Place cooled (and i mean cold) tea bags on your eyes for 5-10 minutes. Tannins in tea helps particularly well in reducing discoloration and inflammation. Chamomile tea works particularly well. Read my post about it here.

If you're trying to get rid of dark under-eye circles, it's also imperative to AVOID getting them. People concentrate to much on WHAT TO DO rather than WHAT NOT TO DO.


1. Drink alcohol. If you're one of those girls who stay up all night until morning to party and drink alcohol and stuff, don't get all puzzled why you have those nasty dark circles.

2. Ignore the required water intake for our body. Drink 8-10 glasses on water daily. Better yet, more than 10!

3. Ignore sleep. There is this saying that "if you want to be successful, don't oversleep". But I say, if you want to be successful, "don't lack sleep". Sleep 8-9 hours daily, you need it. However, if you really need to stay up late and wake up early, be sure to have at least 5 hours of sleep. Just don't do it everyday.

4. Be a sugar-addict. Eat less sugary foods. Caffeine counts too, including Coke and other softdrinks.

5. Stress. Live and let live! Don't watch TV news, don't read the newspaper, don't allow people and negative issues stress you. Well, not literally...just lessen your TV news feed (don't be like my dad, he watches news in the morning and in the evening, lol. I already told him about that but he wouldn't listen).

Hope this was helpful! Thank you for reading!


Viva La Manika said...

For the love of me, I need these in my life. Thanks for posting, Zelle. ♥

Kumiko Mae said...

tea bags for the eyes are really effective!

Zelle ♥ said...

@Viva La Manika - You're welcome! Thank you for reading :)

@Kumiko Mae - Yup, they're very relaxing too :)