Using oil to battle with my breakouts: Crazy?

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I know I should be posting my long overdue reviews for Tony Moly and Skinfood but think it would be better if I use the products for another week before sharing the results.

Last week I read a review of The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil saying it's good for treating pimples so I dropped by the store but was disappointed to know that I would have to shell out P400+ (even if it's on sale) for a 10ml bottle. So I didn't take it. Luckily, one of my dormmates dragged me to Zen Zest and saw they had Tea Tree Oil! I didn't even think twice in buying it because for P150, who would right?

Price: 5/5
It's Php150 only for a 15ml bottle (the lady said it was Php120 before though)

- Works! I applied it on my pimple every night for two days and it helped dry out the pimple faster.
- Affordable
- Best used on suspecting pimples that are just about to appear. It stops the acne from growing because it has anti-bacterial properties

- Packaging. The spout makes it a little difficult to get the oil out of the bottle

It smells of mint so it might bother some.

Cleanse your face of all makeup and dirt collected from the day. If you are very eco-conscious, the ingredients are not completely organic. You can apply it anytime when you're just staying home but mind you, the oil has very high viscosity (coughs science) AKA the consistency is very thick so dirt will stick on the area you applied oil on. I don't see the point of spreading it all over your face. Just target the problem areas.

I am a teenager battling harmful chemicals and teenage breakouts. What works on me may not work well or as fast. It helped dry out some of my pimples in a more natural way. You don't have to bear with products that contain triclosan (an anti-bacterial chemical added to conventional products).

I have a friend who borrows my tea tree oil so that she can use it on her breakouts (we live under the same roof in Manila). She said it's totally effective on her. And she's really happy about using the oil. By the way, she also uses the Human Nature Sunflower Oil for her pimple marks (read my review here).

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