A dream diary: What does my dream mean?

...you are escorted by your mom in a room, excitement runs through her and you can feel the emotion coming from her. She makes a face and asks you to keep calm...she heads toward an unfamiliar brown crate that looks oddly misplaced between the velvet couches and expensive rugs that are inside this soon-to-be-yours house.

She then opens the crate, inside you find hundreds of new cellphones, Dolly Wink pen eyeliners, ViVi magazines, clothes from your wishlist, a new iPhone case, Naked Palette 3 (which doesn't even exist yet)...the list goes on... then you turn back to face her, to thank her...when her face twists into an evil smile, her face changes into the red demon from Insidious. She grabs your shoulders, shakes you hard, opens her mouth (you see sharp, dirty set of teeth inside)...you scream...

...and then you wake up and realize you half-screamed your dream.

Have you ever had a dream you wish would happen in real life? Or rather, a dream that you wish wouldn't happen to you ever?

Last night I had a dream ala Iris (korean drama), Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) anime, The Avengers and Push (both are American movies), which involves my real-life friends and a church. My head is so mixed up and I dream of stuff like these. Lol.

 (I just had to put Camilla Belle lol) Sources: 1, 2

Here goes... so those who I thought were my friends (The Avengers + my real friends) were trying to find a way to kill me. From the top floor, I ran and tried to stay away from the people who were trying to kill me. There were people who are doing their own business, laughing and talking with their friends at the stairs. I tried to hid somewhere, then when I turned around and ran, I bumped into a friend of mine, CJ, and I asked her what's going on. She then looks at me and says, "You know." I then asked her, "This is it, isn't it?" My mind runs through the things I did, regretted all the things I did that considered me as 'bossing around'.

I had a choice. And I accepted that choice without even weighing the odds properly, prolly because the person I had a contract with did not tell me the whole truth, and I was a kid rushing to things (like I was Ciel of Kuroshitsuji). 

Hehe, chibi (Photo source)

After the contract, my friends will have to kill me and shoot me in the heart, along with the people from The Avengers and the noobs from Push. I don't know much of the people from Push and I don't know how they look like but I bet if they spot me, they will recognize me right away and fire at me.

Like I was Kim Hyun-Jun of Iris and my friends are against me dying but they have to kill me anyway (Photo source)

So I was running, then I got to a church. I spotted someone from Push who is clearly looking for me while he's on the porch-like thing so I ran the opposite side, away from the porch-guy and saw another from his company. I decided I have to leave the church but then I bumped into Black Widow. Her eyes widened, she was about to grab me but the bells of the church rang. Suddenly, we were at the altar or whatever, I was beside Black Widow. There were about six of us and we were sat by threes and were facing one another, like a pair. I can spot the porch-guy and all those other new Push kids.

The Avengers Black Widow (Photo source)

It all happened really fast, Black Widow shot herself so she'd fall asleep (maybe she didn't want to do the dirty work to kill me), porch-guy shot an arrow, I ducked but it hit the person in front of me. Then I ran, all kinds of stuff ran through my mind, and I wondered how it will feel like to be shot in the heart. I am so exhausted and out of breath and wondered if I should stop running and close my eyes...ready to die. That would mean suicide, no I shouldn't do that, I thought. I was still spacing out when a gun shot and a bullet passed my right ear and I panicked. They were so close from behind and I can see there's plenty more of them. Then I woke up and I was so glad it was all a dream. Haha!

I usually don't make a fuss about my dreams, because I don't care about them but I found last night's dream pretty interesting. From what I know of, when you're being chased it means you're anxious about something, you're being threatened or you're unable to make a decision about something.

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I remember my mom telling me she had a dream that there were trains that travel from above (like the present MRT and LRT in the Philippines) when she was young. It didn't exist before, during her time. But now, it's like a prediction haha.

They say you dream about ten things during one sleep, but you can't actually remember all of them when you wake up. Hmmm...

Please don't rely solely on them. This post is made just for fun. Remember, you're in charge on your life!

What did you dream about last night? :)
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