How I keep my skin and body healthy

Healthy skin radiates because of a healthy body, and a healthy body comes from the right diet. To be honest, I don’t have a specific diet I stick to; I just eat, drink, and avoid whatever. I watch Youtube videos, read books, and read about Miranda Kerr’s health principles among others. C’mon, we all love Miranda. ;) I have a list of healthy recipes, juices, foods to eat for every day perfect skin, Miranda Kerr’s supermarket shopping list, Japanese beauty secrets, etc. and just live with that. No strict principles. The most important thing for me is to be aware of those you should avoid in terms of diet, exercise, and lifestyle. Right now, here are the lists of things I try to keep in mind:

- Vitamin C 3x a day
- Sleep at least 8hrs a day
- Need to be asleep by 10:30pm
- Drink green tea
- Anti-aging face massage once a day (Click here for the english dub: Tanaka Japanese Face Massage)
- Stretching
- Change pillowcases and towels every week
- Change blanket every two weeks
- Drink a lot of water (I think I drink more than 8 glasses a day out of habit)
- Incorporate the Foods To Eat For Everyday Perfect Skin in your diet. See versions one and two. Here is a quick summary of the second link:

Foods to Eat For Every Day Perfect Skin
Green tea
Red bell pepper
Dark Chocolate
Flax seeds
Virgin Coconut Oil (cold-pressed)
My simple Adobong Spanish Mackerel Steak with raw tomatoes and celery drizzled with apple cider vinegar

-    Eating fastfood and sweets
-    Drinking softdrinks
-    Eating high-calorie foods after 7pm
-    Doing any of the Brain Damaging Habits (see list below)

Brain Damaging Habits
No breakfast
High sugar consumption
Air pollution
Sleep deprivation
Head covered while sleeping
Working your brain during illness
Lack in stimulating thoughts
Talking rarely

This is just my personal list. I don’t always get to follow all of them but I keep them in mind. Search the internet or browse my blog for more health discussions. The key is to make your own list and know what you should avoid. Happy searching!


Raisie Speaks said...

Uhoh I really have to avoid sweets but it's so hard! I do try to balance with healthy food. =)

Hzl said...

Hi Raisie!

Me too! I have a great weakness for sweets! Thanks for reading!