Too moved for the thoughtfulness | Yogi Green Tea Goji Berry is not your ordinary organic tea

Everyone has to eat anyway, so relying on foods to give immune system a boost makes perfect sense. But do we consider the liquids we intake too? Personally, I dislike the idea of accompanying my food with carbonated drinks. It just doesn't suit my taste. I don’t think it’s essential to my stomach needing to be fed either. So it’s always down to water and tea for me.
She is just tired – profoundly exhausted – after unavoidable circumstances have conspired to smear her, dress and all, with dust. (Excerpt from After Dark by Haruki Murakami)

Each sip of warm tea exudes a sense of calmness throughout my body, a mesmerizing series of ocean waves towards the shore, each one a paler energy of the last. Like the feeling of sipping coffee by the windowsill on a rainy day, the thought of sipping a nice cup of tea by the winter sea feels all the same. Except it’s the ber-months and the air feels cool. And there is no winter sea here. Sigh.

Listen to this tea tell you messages; each one different from the other. When I was writing this blog entry, it took me several minutes to finally come up with an intro. I even thought that if I draw one tea bag now, it would tell me: “Awww it’s okay if you’re too moved for the thoughtfulness.” Hahahaha.
The package says: “The bright red Goji Berry, considered one of the most valued fruits in Chinese Medicine, is said to support the liver and the immune and circulatory systems. To this sweet-tart berry we add our blend of Organic Green and Organic Matcha Green Tea, a powdered form of green tea, to create a blend that supplies antioxidants that can support the body’s defenses against free radicals. Find yourself on the path to revitalization with the deliciously invigorating qualities of Green Tea Goji Berry.”
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I’ve only known Yogi two years ago, when a Filipina vlogger mentioned a tea called “Yogi Skin detox”. I wonder if it will make you purge out skin impurities to detox?

I only have praises for this tea. It tastes great, has a hint of sweetness, and reasonably priced for about Php 16 per cup. What I find unique about this brand is that they have these “Yogi Principles”. The Creative combinations principle rings the bell. 
Where to buy: Healthy Options
Price: Php 259-265
Ingredients: Organic green tea leaf, organic green matcha tea leaf, organic cherry flavor, organic blueberry flavor, organic raspberry flavor, natural lotus flower flavor
Caffeine content: 55mg (8oz of coffee has 90mg)

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