Etude House: Happy Tea Time (Green Tea) and Secret Long #02 eyelashes review

Ohayou~ It's been a while since my last post. Been totally busy playing with a new online game (Dragon Nest) and watching Code Geass R2. Oh! I'm a force user now, lol. Totally having issues with Cherry Credits though, because it's totally hard to find Cherry credits, you know, the virtual money you use to pay for character stuff. Anyway, off to the review...

Etude House Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam (Green Tea)

Me and my sister went to the mall last Thursday to do some errands and shop for stuff. We happened to pass by Etude so yeah, I bought a new facial wash! I chose this one because I had hopes for green tea for my combination/oily skin.

My thoughts:
Price: 5/5 Hmm, well it's totally worth your money. For it's price (P148 or USD 3.45), that's plenty of product inside the tube. Whenever I squeeze the tube, I always think how long will this last because it's totally plenty (150ml)!

Packaging: 4/5 because the packaging is not-so-cute at all! It's like they just placed the product sticker on a simple china-made tube, though it's made in korea, idk about the container (no offense) -__-

Product itself: 4/5 about keeping the oil at bay, it does work for me. Yup, better than the Vita Foam Orange one - in terms of the smell too!

Etude House Secret Long #02 false eyelashes

Close-up: Photo from Amazon

I don't know how to comment about false eyelashes because this is the first I've ever bought for myself. Lol. So I'll just post a picture wearing them. I actually used this during the Spectacle event for Sophie Paris.

Price:Php 98 (USD 2.29)

Sorry for the wasted look, lol, I was totally lazy to fix myself.

'Til next time~


aMz88 said...

my bf used to play DN too :P the only online game i was fan of is PW perfect World coz i can customize my avatar lolz

i have not tried false lashes yet :P but i have one here..the eyelash curler i still think its does not work for me T^T

Zelle ♥ said...

Hi Aimee! DN so boring when you create the character's look. Haha, the eyelash curler thing so funny talaga. You don't need one anyway, your lashes are already curled prettily :)))

Pinkbuble said...

Hi Mary,

First time in ur blog.
Love it.

cominica said...

i lovee that false lashes too <3 <3

Zelle ♥ said...

@Pinkbubble - Hi there, I'm not really Mary. That was just the title, I changed it now though haha, because it does look weird...seems like my name. Thank you!

@cominica - Hi pretty girl! Yup! Cause they're very pretty :))

roviedear said...

hi! great review <3
anyways, im having a blog giveaway, i hope you can check and join if you like :)
Thanks! :)

Zelle ♥ said...

@roviedear Oooh i <3 your blog! I have a thing for bargains too :))

sahar awan said...

big fan of etude house products

lovely blog
would love if you follow back