Review: Human Nature Facial Washes

As promised, I will do a Human Nature review series! First up are their facial washes! They have three different kinds: the balancing, hydrating and nourishing (which is new).

Balancing Facial Wash

This is actually the second facial wash I tried. The first one was the moringa one (hydrating) but for my love for this facial wash, I shall put it first!

I think we finished four 200ml and a 50ml of this (with my sister to share with). My sister also uses this on her back acne so our supply run out fast. When I first used this, I didn't like the scrubs because they were a bit uncomfortable considering that I don't use facial washes with scrubs. But over time, I got used to it and eventually I loved the feeling of them massaging my skin! I don't think the scrubs are too harsh which contradicts what others say about this product. My sister says her back acne lessened when she started using this. On my part however, I don't think I saw much improvement not until after our third container, I think. It lessened the oiliness of my skin especially the forehead and the cheek part which has those very irritating visible pores.

Only occasional pimples on the forehead but they have relatively lessened. I also started lessening the powder/products/makeup I put on my face and stopped picking the pimples on the forehead that's why it had a great improvement compared to my forehead last year.

The smell is okay. The best part on using this is the cool icy feeling after you wash your face, maybe that contributes to the less oily face because pores close when it's cool and open up when it's hot.

I'd rate this 4/5!

 Hydrating Facial Wash

My first concern for this facial wash is: it doesn't bubble. Yes, it doesn't. It's like Cetaphil (it doesn't bubble, right?), creamy and a bit thick. I only finished about one and a half of this product during summer. And I loved it! I know I'm supposed to be using the balancing one because summer = hot weather but hey, this was my first facial wash. The surprising thing about it is, it didn't break me out! To think that it doesn't bubble and it's for hydration, it's totally an awe. My skin stayed relatively clear during summer because of this. Though when I tried the balancing one, I switched to it and left the hydrating facial wash.

I don't think this facial wash is good when you're removing makeup or after a very polluted day. Though I recommend this when you're about to go somewhere but just need a little freshen up but don't want to shed the moisture on the face or when you think it's harsh to wash your face everytime you feel like it. I only use this when that's the situation.

Some people might not like the aromatic smell. It's supposed to make you feel relaxed. 

Rate: 3.5/5

Sorry for the blurry photo. I left my camera in Manila.

Nourishing Facial Wash

This is a new addition to the facial washes of HN! And I love it! The smell and the consistency. Hands down. I'm still on the verge of deciding whether it's the right facial wash for me. I currently have pimple marks on both cheeks due to picking (eek!). And I hope they disappear soon with the help  of my trustee sunflower oil!