Bring home the Jeju! Clean pores with Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

If i'm not mistaken, this "Super" is the latest kind of volcanic pore clay mask from the brand. It has two times more Jeju volcanic scoria and hence has better sebum control properties (daw).

What is volcanic scoria capsule? See those tiny bumps in the clay mask? These are hardened lava from volcanic eruptions in Jeju Island. The substance is a rare ingredient that powerfully absorbs the sebum and impurities hidden in the skin. Think of it like your elementary science lab experiments: magnets attracting  carbon particles! The AHA in the volcanic scoria helps in gently exfoliating dead skin cells while the cooling clay gives a refreshing feeling so you feel smooth and refreshed after washing. The product contains 6020mg of volcanic clusters.

A multi-porous structure with countless micro pores with powerful natural capacity to absorb and sterilize like the charcoal of oak trees. It is a miraculous material that offers powerful antibacterial, detoxifying, purifying, and moirturizing functions without any additives.

Volcanic cluster is the only week base resource similar to human blood, which is only found in Jeju Island. It is currently classified as a preserved natural resource by the Special Law of Jeju Island. Volcanic cluster, gathered from the areas not contaminated by chemicals such as pesticides, is pulverized to remove the impurities and sterilized at a temperature above 150°C.

How to use? It's advisable to use toner after cleansing the skin prior to smoothing the clay mask on the face (avoiding the eye and lip area), but I always skip the toning part as I don't feel it's necessary. Besides, when it comes to skincare, I prefer having as few layers on my skin as possible. After applying, you'll feel the mask cooling your skin. Enjoy for 10-30mins then rinse with lukewarm water (I just use regular temperature water though!). 

Please click the photo to enlarge and read the ingredients!

The jar is made of plastic. It won't break when you drop it.

Being a huge fan of natural skincare products, I appreciate every bit of eco-consciousness exuded by the market but I've always been very selective ever since I decided to switch natural. Given that this product still has preservatives and chemicals i can't pronounce in the ingredients, I can't attest to it being all natural. Natural means 100% natural to me. I appreciate the effort of Innisfree with being eco-friendly: the box itself is 100% recycled and I think almost all products have statements saying "Please return to Innisfree after use".

Fresh 3M: Innisfree products marked with this symbol means the products are sold within 3months from manufacturing date. So you are guaranteed that those items marked are fresh.

Green complex: contains volcanic spring water infused with extracts of green tea, tangerine, cactus, and citron that are found in Jeju island.

- contains rare volcanic clusters
- provides cooling effects
- helps get rid of sebum (after a few seconds you will notice that there's watery substance on top of the mask coming from the pores i think)
- makes my skin feel refreshed and cooled after
- my skin is noticeably glowing and skin tone is enhanced 

- i have to dig into the jar with my finger because there's no spatula (there is a tube version that contains 200g though)
- my nails get clumped with clay when i dig my fingers into it SIGHS
- hard to obtain in Philippines
- pretty expensive for a 100g jar shipped from Korea to this land of ours
- doesn't really get rid of my blackheads at all
- enhanced skin tone doesn't last long

Will I repurchase?
For now, there's still a looong way to go before I finish the whole jar. But in terms of "is it worth the money?" I say, when you get the chance to buy it directly from an Innisfree store in Korea, buy it! You're ensured that what you get applies the FRESH 3M of Innisfree!


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