Hey it's 2NE1! Review: Clio Waterproof Turnliner Twisturn in Club Black 7

Currently endorsed by Sandara Park. I think it was Lee Hyori before. Isn't 2NE1's second concert tonight??
I've always wanted to get a korean fashion magazine, so when I heard the news that EXO will be featured in Ceci Korea's June 2013 issue I became ecstatic and quickly placed a pre-order with Wazzup Duizhang. Wazzup Duizhang capitalizes on group orders of K-pop photo books, CDs, and also magazines. It took a great while before I received my order (what with all the delays and additional customs fee) and it cost me a little more than P1000 including shipping. I'm so glad though that I had to wait, because I got this eyeliner as a freebie!

Here's a picture of my Ceci Korea magazine from my oatmeal post on instagram:

Already a bit dirty because I've been using every time I get the chance to.
It has tiny specks of glitter, maybe that's why it's called Club Black? 
Description: It provides a fresh liquid eye liner by using an auto-liner container. Powerful waterproof effect gives high-defined eye line without smudging all day. Vivid colors and brilliant pearls present trendy eye makeup.

When they say it's waterproof, they mean it. It stays on the whole day and doesn't smudge so in order for me to remove it, I would need my trusty Human Nature Sunflower Oil and cotton balls. After I wash my face, I use the sunflower oil as makeup remover then wash my face again. The order in which isn't at all important for me as long as I remove this very, very waterproof eyeliner (though some may argue). I don't like to scrub oil on my dirty face anyway. Below is a picture of my eye after I washed my face:

Didn't bother cleaning the photo hence the stressed skin
Aside from being waterproof, what I also like about it is that it's different from your regular black eyeliner. It has tiny specks of silver glitter which makes it perfect for a night out or partying.

What I like
-has tiny glitters which makes it unique

What I don't like
-hard to find in Philippines
-expensive (it can retail for $18 online) and only has 1.3ml
-can be hard to use due to its twist-turn function

How to use
1. Remove the seal (protective ring) between the cap and the main body. Close the cap (it should click like you closed it).
2. Open the cap and slowly turn the dial (bottom) until you hear 1-2 clicks. DON'T turn it too much as it will overflow and would come to waste. (See photo below)
3. Swatch it on the back of your hand to determine the build. You don't want to directly put it on your eyelids when it's super wet.
4. Apply using small strokes or as usual.

1. Do not ever turn the bottom more than two clicks. If the liquid doesn't come out, shake it up and down as if you're trying to make the liquid from a correction pen come out.
2. If the brush becomes hard and dry, wipe it with tissue.

It comes in several other colors. I would love to have the blue, gold, and purple ones!
Would I purchase/have it again? Yes!!!

Images credit: http://www.neobeauty.com/clwatutw.html

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