Review: Tony Moly Expert Triple BB Cream SPF45PA+++

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50ml, Php 928.00

A couple of months ago, I went to TM and got this BB cream sample as a freebie along with the orange vitamin essence mask. I thought it was time for me to finally write a review after so many lazy days! Hahaha.

Description: Expert triple BB cream SPF45PA+++ Diffused reflection makes prism effects under any lights, completes spotless shiny skin (source)
This bb cream claims that it whitens, there's also wrinkle care and protection against UV rays, a tri-functional bb cream, hence the name "triple" bb cream. According to a website i read from, it has red ginseng extract that helps regenerate the fibroblast and aggrandize the skin's immunizing functions. Also said that it has Organic Lavender Extract boosts to restore the damaged skin (although i personally believe that even if it contains an organic extract, a few more chemicals are added to the formulation so it beats the whole purpose of acquiring something organic lol) and β-Glucan substance protects the Langerhans Cell in skin, which gets easily deteriorated by UV rays.

This bb cream is one of their bestsellers idk. It's not in their bestseller list in the Philippine website anymore though.

- whitening
- SPF45 - high sun protection! Hmm nice for summer
- wrinkle care (although i don't have any wrinkles yet and my family is not prone to wrinkles haha)
- for oily skin (i didn't blot for oil)
- you don't have to put much because a little goes a long way!
- feels light on the skin
- looks natural
- watery but dries quickly

- no no for dry skin - although i have combination (oily/normal), sometimes the skin on the part of my nose near the nose holes (lol how do you call it) tends to get dry. I applied this bb cream when my nose skin was a bit flaky and it did not impress me at all oh well it's for oily skin anyway
- watery but dries quickly (lol this is also a con for me...i just don't like creams that way...feels like i haven't blended them that much yet)
- seems cakey sometimes, or is it just my skin
- one shade available (first time i used this i thought it was too dark for me idk it's supposed to be lighter than my skin on first application and then after a while blend with my skintone - soon i realized the cream appears dark but it's okay for me)
- P928 for 50ml (expensive for others)

Sorry, crap quality.

Tip/sI think it would be useful to use a brush for this because it dries pretty quick, don't wanna tug your skin and cause sagging + wrinkles!
If you're unsure, go grab a sample or wait for the sale! Korean brands usually declare a 10-40% off on their items during special months (like summer, back-to-school etc).

Rating 7/10

Other thoughts
- I think it emphasizes the tiny bumps near my nose (lol my problem area because it's a little dry), i'm not very sure but for the week i used this i noticed that and whenever i look close in the mirror, i notice how not-so-blessed my skin looks lol. This is also due to the fact that my skin is undergoing bad conditions that time.

- The sample can last for a week or more. I did not finish mine and gave away the rest to my friend who begged for it lol.

- I'm not sure but i think it works/looks better on yellow-ish toned girls (warm tone) than cool-toned girls. Check out other reviews. It blends well anyway after a while so don't worry about 5x darker neck malfunction, girls!!

- I don't feel comfortable wearing stuff with anti-wrinkle because i don't even have them!

- It also pains me because I am an ingredient-conscious freak and i can't find an ingredient list! I'm not sure if it's stated in the box though. So, do tell me!

- Maybe I'll give this one another chance because i feel like i have not fairly judged the bb cream well enough and i've heard a lot of good things about this.

Have you tried this? Share your thoughts :)

Thank you for reading, hope i was helpful somehow. Hihi ♥

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I was interested in this Tony Moly BB cream before as it has high SPF! But then I realized it doesn't really matter as I'm not gonna solely rely on it for sun protection as if you put on too much, it's gonna look cakey!

One thing about BB Cream is I have yet find one that I'm absolutely in love with or one that makes my skin looks flawless! I feel they don't seem to do much and I still need concealer afterwards... Anyways LOL

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Zelle ♥ said...

@Melai - you're welcome!

@Connie - you are so right! putting them over and over is gonna make you look cakey. this bb cream is kinda thick lah. thank you and you're welcome!

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roviedear said...

i like your review as it gave me an idea on how the bb cream is :) ive been a bb cream user but since it makes me look so white in photos, i decided to go back inn using normal foundations :)

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