PFW F/H 2012 Day 6: Jerome Salaya Ang favorites + lessons I learned

Photo source (Oh gosh, the pose!)

Last Sunday, Philippine Fashion Week closed its glamorous week with Jerome Salaya Ang! I was in AWE of the designs in the L'Oreal Paris presents Jerome Salaya Ang show. I mean, omg!!! Can you spell h-i-g-h f-a-s-h-i-o-n (lol i had a hard time typing that)! I had a friend who watched the show and at first I said, "yeah cool that's great!", but then when I saw the photos I was like, "Omgasdfgj;!! Why didn't I watch this?!". Haha that's also because I didn't have any invites for the show. But still, if I had known it was this awesome I would do anything to get my hands on tickets for me and my friends because when there's a will, there's a way! Lol. Anyway, I'm just gonna share the ones I really like so here are the pics! I just wanted to share them. They are not mine! They are grabbed from the official website of Philippine Fashion Week. Prepare for some major pic spam (not in order)!

Look at the details of that dress on the lower part, it seems like it's inspired by the galaxy trend and the tiger/wolf head print that I often see on ViVi magazine models and the stuff from Romwe! And the big sequin-like things that dangles in the middle glams the matte-look of the patterns. Ooh the details of the gold-lining. Fab.

The pattern of this dresses reminds me of Afi of Vivalamanika. Visit her and go figure ;)

Is paisley totally making a come-back? Saw lots of paisleys on The Ramp Crossings fashion show. Fab!

The first photo I posted just because!

Love the sleeves of this one and the ribbon detail in the middle! Idk why it reminds me of a kimono, it's black! I love the bandage leggings/stockings, fab!
Is that Danica Magpantay? 
Is it me or Status Magazine has livelier photos than Pfw's? Lol (Photo source)

Corset + Photo 1 & 2. Love!

Love the vintage-woman feel of this dress

Define Divine Maria. Oh just study the pattern...Ooh love the leggings! I should totally consider getting myself one like it! Hehe I remember this model in The Ramp Crossings fashion show! She's so much taller than the others or as I see...

Oh Madeline oh madeline! Haha love the madeline-coat feel of this. Legging/stockings :">

What is the shoulder-part made of?

The color and the roses!

This is the only dress I see myself wearing in the "nude-color" series...because almost all of them are literally close to nude. Lol! Love this simple dress.

Look at the lace-paisley on the top, genius! And the corset/skeleton-like in the middle. Oh and who can miss the floating details? Pure genius!

Somebody please throw a white party please! Love the tiny blue stone-like details!

What I love: the color, soft tulle that blooms like a rose and the gem roses-like details! Love this dress super!!

Speechless. Photo from status mag.

Too fabulous for Barbie Swan Lake!

Can I wear this to a prom? Anyone invite me to a high school event pls? I promise to be fabulous...Haha!

Playing Princess Leia on halloween? :)) Reminds me of Star Wars because of the shoulder part! I think I'm posting too much of the nude-color dresses! Can't resist! 
Guns N Roses | Metals N Roses ♥

To be able to wear these two, you need to be really fit! Haha.

The Devil Wears Prada!

Too Hot For Egypt

Ruffles, galaxy and swan lake ;) Is that Danica again? ;)

Can this be a wedding dress? Make me a wedding dress, Jerome please ;)

What I have learned now that Philippine Fashion Week is over:

1. Better to be overdressed than under-dressed. But still! Check for the fashion show you're attending and their theme, and then plan your outfit.

2. Check the Fashion Week schedule and do a little research. Decide what you might like and love. You might choose to attend one that you like instead of what you love and regret it (*cough* especially those who don't have much free time on their hands and are not VIPs *cough*)

3. When the invitation says 7:30PM, don't be late. Fashionably late for 5 minutes is okay i guess. Some fashion shows have seating that come on first come, first served basis (especially if you're on general admission).

4. Bring a good camera and take lotsa pictures! No videos (it's kinda illegal to take videos)!

5. If you didn't bring a car and you're waiting for your driver/someone who will drive you, bring an extra shoe that spells comfort! Oh the amazing feeling of taking high heels off after a long night out!

Do you have any "I have learned that..." regarding Pfw? Share! :)

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