Philippine Fashion Week 2012 - The Ramp Crossings + random snaps + announcement

*pic heavy* Random snaps from my tuesday this week. These photos are not meant to show the outfits because these are my way of expressing how my tuesday went (they're kinda blurry). Anyway, if you want to see the outfits clearly, click here.

 Can you spot the PFW poster?

 These photos came from my digital camera, they're not very good-quality but hey, there's Photoshop! I washed them all of with vintage actions yey!
 Lol, out of focus

I noticed runway models always walk like they're kinda slanted in a way. I've read that models should do that, like kinda bring the hips forward. Idk what for but it looks good in photographs. Just awkward-looking live.

 I like the feel of these photo...taking pics of a screen...

 Oh hai der :"> The gents wearing similar outfits. They were actually talking to each other that time. Like they were pointing out someone or something.

 Ladies wearing similar outfits

Can you spot Pops Fernandez? Lol

Yup, that's a kid right there. I think almost everyone was surprised to see kids in the runway that night.

 The ferris wheel from the sea side of mall of asia

It was just so pretty

I should probably do a giveaway soon (already have 50 followers), as a thank-you. I need to grab some stuff tomorrow maybe. Or later and start right away. Eeeeee i am so excited!!

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Catherine Au Jong said...

Must've been nice to see it directly :) nice job covering!


Carizza Chua said...

nice stage production! sayang i missed that~

oh i havent tried the moa eye, waahhh i wanna go to moa now for that!

Zelle ♥ said...

@Catherine - Yep, all the clothes were lovely!

@Carizza - Ooh may next time naman!:)