What every UST Freshman should know (Tips for UST Freshies)!

I found this video via Facebook, apparently it was posted May 19, 2012 (and already has 6300+ views in YouTube) so expect that it's timely hehe! Even if you're not an incoming UST Freshman, you may watch this...it's really funny! :)

Video is posted by  on YT. Enjoy!!

Huhu i'm so sick, i'm currently wearing a Koolfever (fever gel pad) thing on my forehead. Tomorrow is the Philippine Fashion Week, I hope I get well very very very soon! And I hope it's not traffic on the way to MOA because of the anti-Lady Gaga rally :<

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Cece said...

Just came across your blog, lol this is funny. But it actually helps because I'm going freshman this up coming school year at St.Paul, cool blog. ♥

Zelle ♥ said...

Hope you great through well in college!