Dandruff and acne related?

Is your dandruff causing you acne? Or is your overly-producing oil in the skin causing you both?  Click READ MORE :)

While I was searching for home made remedies for acne scars, I ended up searching about acne and more of its causes which deliberately led me to "dandruff" and "acne". The pimples on my forehead have lessened to a greater degree compared to from a year ago... However, they started to sprout on my cheeks (both sides!) especially the right one. Grrrr. The reason i'm writing this is because my mom noticed my skin on daylight earlier and asked me why it looks like that (I think she thinks it's horrid)... Then she tells me she never had pimples when she was young, so now I think it's horrid and I get conscious all over again.

From dry scalp or oily skin?
So what causes these irritating guys named scientifically as seborrhic dermatitis (dandruff)? And these horrid looking acne? Are they related? Answer is: YES, they are somehow related. Check out this chart I found in the internet: 

Some other causes of acne
1. Hormonal (androgen)
"Research on SAHA syndrome [seborrhea, acne, hirsutism (excessive body or facial hair) and alopecia (the loss of hair)] in women reveals higher levels of dihydrotestosterone within the skin and confirms that in many cases women with acne (who are known to have higher serum androgen levels) also have higher skin and follicle androgen levels. Therefore, effective treatment of female acne must include a comprehensive method of down-regulating testosterone and dihydrotestosterone." Source

2. Improper hygiene
Speaks for itself, you have to have proper hygiene. Like, change your bedsheets, blankets and pillowcases (especially) regularly. I won't tell you how often I change mine hehe, but I recommend every week at maximum. I also change my bath towels. I recommend using a separate face towel (for after washing the face) so you won't have to change your bath towel too often, though I change my bath towel every week.

3. Stuff we use
It helps to identify which things are causing your acne by area. For example, if you have a lot of pimples near your ears it's probably caused by the foam in your earphones. Consider cleaning them, and wiping your phone included because when you use it, you usually stick your phone next to your skin. Imagine all the germs. Errrr~

4. Food we eat
Junkfood, softdrinks, too much sugar, processed food, fastfood (oily), white rice, white bread, red meat... these all probable causes.

5. Hair/Hairstyle
Avoid hairstyles that touches your skin (example, side bangs/full bangs) because when you sweat, it mixes with your hair which is sometimes dirty.

6. Constant picking
Don't pick, EVER. I'm am soo guilty of this, that's why the pimps on my cheeks won't go away too soon. :(

7. Products we use
Sometimes, conventional products do more harm than good. I have known a friend who stopped applying products on her skin except for organic ones like Human Nature sunflower oil, and then after a year her skin has greatly improved.

What to do?
Try getting rid of your dandruff first before you get rid of your acne. Try massaging your scalp with a mixture of warm water and a tablespoon of tea tree oil, it works great on drying pimples too!

You can also try using apple cider vinegar (Bragg's organic one works best!). You can dilute it with water.. 3 parts the vinegar, 1 part water. In my case, I use it pure! You can also use this on pimples to dry them, remember to only target the problem areas when using this vinegar!

To quote something...
"...the oily conditions create a yeast rich environment on the scalp. Bacteria like that survive off the skin shedding process thrive on yeast. This leads to the intense skin shedding. This is also why it is not limited to the scalp and appears on eyebrows and around the nose and even chest hair. Its not on my nose but anywhere there is hair and heat." Check this source out! The first answer provides a great deal of info :)

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