Review: NYX Indian Pink lipstick

(left) with only one swipe
(right) with two swipes

It's a pink frost lipstick with little gold flex. If it had been dark color, I think it'll count as perfect for night makeup because of the gold stuff the lipstick radiates.

 It just so happens that there's a girl who lives in the same dorm with me who sells NYX cosmetics. So when I saw all the stuff laid on the common table, I grabbed this!

 The bottom appears a little lighter than usual because of the camera and the lighting.

It looks like a simple light pink lippie but it actually has little gold flex.

This is from afar. First photo zooms the swatch.

Stress test. Rubbed with water and voila!

As usual, NYX lipsticks don't last long but this one stays a bit longer than the others despite being light.
Price is the same, Php 150. I think almost everyone who loves makeup has a NYX now, it's just...totally everywhere. Just be careful not to get the fake ones.

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Ezra Hilary Ceniza said...

I love your blog! Come and visit mine too :) I hope we could follow each other and share our fashion ideas together :*

Hollie said...

I have been eyeing that shade for so long but still didn't buy it since I'm really not a fan of their round lipsticks. I hope they make that same shade in the matte line.

Zelle ♥ said...

@Ezra your outfit posts are very nice :)

@Hollie why are you not, may i ask? :) oh i'm not a fan of the matte line hmm.