Weekly Reads

1. Sleep in total darkness to stay young and lose the bulges by ecobeautysecrets
I've always been sleeping with lights on since I live in a room shared with my college dorm-mates. I guess that's why I feel a little on the heavier side now, because melatonin production gets disrupted?

2. The Kit Digital - October 2012
Digital magazine on the side please! Check out this fashion magazine I found randomly online (yes, it's new to me). You can also subscribe for free.
3. What does your manicure style say about you? by Janine (via imabeautygeek)
Sometimes i'm on the pale-pink/nude side but now, my nails are deep blue with silver sparklies (galaxy inspired)! Guess i'm feeling a bit creative.
4. The Cost of Fast Food vs. Slow Food by thedetoxdiva
Hold it! Think twice before eating that McDonalds french fries and burger. And coke.
5. Fotoshop by Adobe
"This commercial isn't real, neither are society's standards of beauty." At first, it seems like a real commercial. But wait! Don't close on me, watch it, it's funny and true! You might even have your mindset changed.
6. Extend the shelf life of oils by vivawoman
I've always hated the fact that my beloved sunflower oil quickly turns rancid! These tips from Sesame helped.

Haven't done this for a long time! I love sharing reads!
Enjoy, comment and share this post! :)

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