Winnings: #17 Falsies and Geo Angel Grey from Kiwiberry1-collection x starmishie

I'm the type of girl who don't wear much makeup, doesn't wear contacts and not a regular fan of false eyelashes but when I saw these stuff Kiwiberry1-collection sent me, I think I changed my mind. :D I received Geo Angel Grey in 14mm, I had the privilege to choose the lenses I wanted so I chose this! It also came with the typical contact lens case, instructions and a "Thank you for your purchase" slip from the online store.

The packaging was very nicely done. Yey bubble wrap everywhere!!! I want to pop you alllll /wahaha
(You can see that it's from Canada)

And the staff from Kiwiberry sent me a box of false eyelashes, although I'm not sure what type this is because there is no product specification in the box. My hunch is that it is #17 Black Eyelash Lash Pack since the #7 is too glamorous from what I received. Don't get me wrong, #17 is my type /hmm

Haha no makeup on! Except for the lashes. Here I am wearing the lashes they gave me. You can see that I am such a noob, the right lash is not very well put. But hey, I cut them to fit /sweat

Oh they also gave me a discount code. You can also receive a discount when you order since it's Halloween season! Check out their website, they have a (tadaaah!): /XD

48 HOURS ONLY - 50% off SITEWIDE-Worldwide. 
Use code: HALLOWEEN50 

I think I'm getting contacts for my nearsighted eyes with myopia next time, and hopefully learn how to wear them properly then. But for now, I love my huge korean-ish eyeglasses.  :D

A not-so-good photo of my glasses, beside the pink leopard headband from Nicole's giveaway that I won. And the accounting seatwork I was working on that time...seems like my eyeglasses were unhappy and shocked haha /blur

Check out this video from EXO!!! Chanyeol and Kris rapping on Two Moons! Wish they would do a studio version of this (longer please). And with the roll like a buffaloooo and the waddup kreeeeease! Watch it and please vote for EXO for Best New Male Artist & Artist of the Year!  /please

Awesome, right??!?!? Haha i'm not the type of person who listen to rap but this one's just got swaaag. I wish I live in Korea!!! /floor
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