Review: Human Nature Sunflower Oil *updated*

I'm a sucker for organic products, you know that. And I've been always out there (I meant in the house, making use of the internet) to score some great places to get organic prods. You know, all those benefits and goody stuff they give you, blah blah, if you're like me, you should know that natural products should be used constantly because results can be seen after 6 months or so. One of my favorite organic product is Human Nature's Sunflower Oil.

Anyway this is what I do with it:

1. Before going to bed, I simply wash my face. I don't use a makeup remover, though I recommend you use MRs if you're used to them, 'cause I'm just lazy. And I don't wear much makeup anyway. Just powder.
2. I do a pump or two on my palm and then I dip my ring finger and apply the oil under my eyes where the dark circles are.
3. I also usually target the pimple marks and then I make sure my eyelashes are able to drink some so that they're gonna grow all healthy and strong like what sunflower oil should do.
4. If there's any left on my palm, I massage it on my cheeks.


Well, I've bought my first bottle probably months ago and the bottle has nearly 1/8 of the total contents left. It did lighten some of my pimple marks, though i'm not sure if it did all because like I said, results are gradual and a bit slow for natural products. Also in the morning, after I wake up and wash my face, my skin feels smoother and more supple (moisturized healthily) compared to the nights I don't apply the oil before bed.

You're probably worried about putting oil on your face, because what we all do is try to get rid of the ones (oil-produced by the skin) on our faces. Well, we have different skin conditions and reactions. We really have to make tests and try out to find the ones that suit our skin type.

In order to not get pimples and oily skin, you have to balance the PH or whatever of your skin. For example, you have normal/oily skin, and then you dry out your face using a product, after you're done with the product, your oil glands will get crazy and they will produce more oil than before. So the best thing you can do is balance. Achieve the middle PH thing. Yin-yang. Okay.

Christmas party by class:

Far right, that's me.

Our Christmas party sucked a bit because the assistant dean or the dean or whoever made that funny joke-rule said we should wear the college shirt. I opted to wear the new one. Thursday and friday was fun...the last few days were. Thank you, UST! I'm proud to be a Thomasian! Hmm all those concerts and fun nights, lol. Now here's a photo of the fireworks at Paskuhan 2011 by Joie Buena (from Facebook):

Lovely, isn't it? I think the photo was manipulated in some way because the fireworks did not show all at the same time. Nevertheless, this photo is awesome with 3300+ likes and 2400+ shares as of today.

Let's move on to the lovely giveaway!

There are plenty of stuffs at stake but there wasn't a big photo for everything so I grabbed the lovely bag (first photo at the blog entry)! Click here to go there now!


Myrted said...

Hello fellow thomasian! :D Wee!

Heard a lot of good things about this sunflower oil. Haven't given it a go though... Maybe it's time for me to purchase! Nice review. :)

Zelle ♥ said...

Hi fellow thomasian!! Give it a go, it's really nice and affordable. Thanks you :D

Wonder Woman said...

This oil looks interesting. Might check it out. Thanks! :)

Please join my giveaway if you haven't yet:

Mara Feliz said...

My sister bought this some time ago.. I think she's addicted to it.. Planning to go buy some for me to! tehehe

Cute blog! Kisses! xxx

sittie rainie limba said...

I so love human heart nature =D Hello there! am starting to love your blog, following you already! Hope you will follow my humble blog too..and hope to see more of your post =))

Zelle ♥ said...

@Wonder Woman - I've been seeing you in lots of comment pages lately! I joined your lovely giveaway ♥

@Mara - Ooh,good for your sis;) I'm already on my second bottle :)

@Sittie - Me too ;) But i'm not a member yet, which is a big shock because i love the brand. Anyhoos, cheers for HM lovers!