My Winnings from Nicole + Bloggers United 2!

I met up with Nicole at the Bloggers United 2 held at Treston International College, Taguig to claim my prize. Her orange dress was so gorge. Oooh I got a free pass to the event too (and a friend of mine who accompanied me, lol). Thanks, Nicole! Visit her fashion blog, she's a fellow Thomasian, like me. :))

My winnings and some other stuff I looted from the Bloggers United 2!

Bodycon dress from Thrift to UK. Look at the similarity with this one:

Cropped top from Laces and Bows

Fringe bag, decenarios bracelets, earring, and other stuff from Peacock and Stripes.

Feather necklaces from Bell Charms

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...And some other stuff! I couldn't find the pictures in the internet, so yeah.

1.Cropped top from Laces and Bows, 2.NYX Round Lipstick from The Vogue Shop, 3.Bag from Impulse Co,. 4.Necklace from Freestyle Necklaces, 5.Skirt from F-STOP, 6.Fringe bag,fringe hoops,peacock ring and decenarios bracelets from Peacock and Stripes, 7.Feather Necklaces from Bell Charms 8. Bodycon dress from Thift to UK, 9.Dress from Shop Dainty, 10. Leopard print turban and necklace from Mon Petit Boudir, 11.Blazer from Simone's Closet 12. Feather earrings from Maniqui Manila


A surprise from Anagon Collection
and a 1,000 worth of GC from Asian Vogue Shop!


Wonder Woman said...

Great haul!

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biang said...

wow, I'm so jealous you got to go to the Bloggers United 2, I wish I was able to go too. :c

Btw, I'm having a giveaway on my blog. If you have time, you can join my giveaway here Thanks :D

*followed you already. :D