Where to find results for Civil Service Exam April 6, 2014 batch

Close to 200,000 registered examinees were expected to take the Civil Service Examinations last April 6, 2014 in 52 of the testing centers nationwide with Metro Manila having the highest number. The top 5 were:
1. Metro Manila - 31,640
2. Region 4 (South Luzon) - 28,404
3. Region 3 (Central Luzon) - 13,500
4. Region 12 (SOCCSKSARGEN) - 12,734
5. Region 9 (Zamboanga Peninsula) - 12,553

According to CSC, 171,684 out of 200,000 were to take the Professional level while 28,316 for the Subprofessional level. I think the reason for the huge number of examinees is because CSC extended the deadline for the CSE-PPT exam applications. You know how most people like to do things in the last minute.The original deadline was February 20 but was changed to February 27.

Basically, if you pass the Professional level you will have the eligibility needed for permanent appointments in government positions.  The names of the passers will be posted in the CSC website within May. However, it is possible for the results to be released in early June due to the number of examinees who took the exam.

What do I have to do after I passed the CSE-PPT?
Since representatives are NOT allowed to claim the Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) on your behalf, you have to personally claim it at the CSC Regional Office where you filed your application.

Bring the following:
1. Two (2) valid Identification Cards (with your name, picture, date of birth and signature preferably those presented at the time of filing of application);
2. Application receipt, if available; and
3. Two (2) identical photos similar to the picture you pasted on the Picture-Seat Plan (PSP) during the examination.

For further query on schedule, requirements and procedures in claiming your CoE, please coordinate with the CSCRO concerned. You may access the link http://excell.csc.gov.ph/cscweb/dir_ro.html for the directory of the CSCROs.

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