Early Bird Breakfast Club and Camille Co's birthday dinner

Camille with the P1000 SM Accessories GCs
Surprise, surprise! I was lucky to be given an invite for Camille's birthday dinner at Early Bird Breakfast Club, Century Mall branch. The mall was new to me so I got a little lost (and very late!) even though I think I've suffered enough from traffic anxiety. Argh! I should've taken the path from Ayala. Nevertheless, I was able to attend even though I'm several hours late and boy, glad I made it!

Early Bird Breakfast Club was created with a vision to give highly-satisfying meals no matter what time their day starts. Oh diba! Even if you're on a graveyard shift, you can satisfy your breakfast cravings! The restaurant's interior is very calm with its charming salmon pink walls, dainty interiors, and cute quotes plastered on their walls. This branch is the second EBBC. The first one is in Taguig and has a different color scheme.

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Camille made the birthday dinner fun and interactive by asking trivia's and questions about her blog, her favorites, etc. If you're the first one to raise your hand and get the answer right, you get to pick a prize! On the photo above, she's showing us the Melissa shoes to be given away to the girl who answers the grand question correctly. It wasn't really a question though, she asked to have the mini 'about me' recited as close as possible.

The girl who won a pair of Melissa shoes. Congrats! 
"Can I keep this wall please?"
Taking turns for pictures!
Wish I'd worn a dress and heels instead haha. I was so casual.
You know about the detox water that supposedly makes you slimmer? I think that's how they do their water. Care to spot the pitcher?
Meet Adobo Sunrise! A breakfast Rice overloaded with their own crispy adobo flakes. P315
Adobo sunrise is basically adobo flakes that seemed to be pushed inside a cup and placed on top of fried rice and surrounded by strips of omelette. I agree that it's overloaded with flakes! Haha. It was delicious though a little uncomfortable to eat (it's rough on the tongue). Didn't finish because I wanted to get to the dessert right away lol so I just had it as a take-out. Did I like it? Yes. But I think I'd order another dish next time.
Warm Asparagus Salad. P225
This is a perfect side dish! The plate was very generous lol (it was huge);  filled with asparagus spears and marble potatoes topped with a poached egg and fresh Parmesan shavings. Who wouldn't be satisfied? The way the marble potatoes were cooked is just right. Also had this as a take-out. Food presentation doesn't leave even if you take it out. You can still instagram it at home. Haha.
Chocolate and Ginger Torte. P210

Sorry for taking a bite before taking a picture! This sweet treat is a newbie. It's a soft chocolate ganache over crushed ginger biscuits topped with whipped cream and a slice of strawberry. While eating it, you would notice some hair-like strips of ginger. Don't worry, they won't ruin the chocolate!
Eco-friendly and presentation wise, this is how your food will be packed for take out! Please excuse the food inside, it's the adobo flakes I didn't finish. Haha. 
Was able to exchange names with the friendly girl in leopard, though we didn't talk much. Hi Janine! Let me know your blog URL if you can. Haha. :)
Welcome to the late comer's table. Haha sorry we're late, Ate Cams. :))
Please excuse the mess, this was around 9pm already ;-)
Camille wrote short but sweet messages on our loot bags
With Chef Matthew of Early Bird Breakfast Club, Century Mall
"you're so quiet!" Haha I left that impression.
I'm a quiet person but when I get to know a person in a deep personal level, I won't stop with the talking lol. Camille said I looked familiar haha probably because of BU2. Wow, she remembers! :))) Thanks for the food, loot bags, and time ate cams! From your quiet ninja reader, Hazel :-)
The contents of the loot bag! VS Sassoon, Olay, Rabeanco, Melissa, Majolica Majorca, Goody, Za, SM Accessories
This is so cute!
My first Majolica Majorca  lip product :))
Oh by the way, this is Early Bird Breakfast Club's menu. Newspaper style.
Clever idea for a menu if you ask me! There's even a crossword at the back. Haha.
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Early Bird Breakfast Club