Korean food at Hanayo 하나요 (korean food review). 맛있어요!

I haven't been writing for quite some time. I guess saying I have a lot of things to do is just another excuse, but really I had a lot of things to do! Ever since OJT started, I have been losing more of my time online T___T

Before ending 2012-2013 school year, we decided to eat at Hanayo (Dapitan branch). It's conveniently located in Antonio street along Dapitan. However, the street itself doesn't seem at all fancy and nice because it's not clean lol but i can assura you that at Hanayo, it's clean and the food is delicious! Plus!!! There's a bunch of korean magazines that you can read while waiting.

맛있어요 is ma-si-sseo-yo, it's what koreans say when they want to say "It's delicious/It tastes good" or when thanking for a meal after eating. Let me throw a few korean lessons on the side (since I've been studying a few korean online) keke~

Bibimbap 비빔밥
Solo - P150 / Double - P280

We ordered two Bibimbap Double that time! Bibim means mixed and bap means rice. Bibimbap is served unmixed. A separate gochujang (korean hot pepper paste) will be given which you can add depending on your taste. It's a great dish to try for first-timers since I haven't met anyone who doesn't dislike this.


Jjajang myeon 짜장면

You must be intrigued about the black paste. This isn't your typical spaghetti. This isn't dinuguan either. That thick black sauce is made of chunjang (salty black soybean paste). Jjajang myeon has diced pork, vegetables and seafood. The combination of chunjang and the diced ingredients pork, veggies, and seafood makes the dish explode in your mouth. Jjajang means fried sauce while myeon means noodle. In Korea, a good Jjajang myeon is said to have noodles that are 수타면 (sutamyeon)... which means that they're made by hand and not machines. I don't know about the noodles in Hanayo if they're sutamyeon though. It tastes good but there are more dishes out there that exceeds my level of liking. Worth a try, though! Edit 2015: I am obsessed with this dish! The most delicious one I've tasted is from Choo Young Roo.

Sundubu Jjigae 순두부찌개

Aaaah~~ my favorite!! I've been wanting to try this stew ever since I watched Eat Your Kimchi's video. Sundubu Jjigae is "soft tofu stew", made from uncurdled (before turning spoiled) dubu or tofu, seafood (common ingredients are oysters, mussels, clams, shrimps), vegetables, mushrooms, onion, scallions, and gochujang. A raw egg is put on top of the stew while it's boiling, it's served hot so you would have to mix it prior to indulging it. One serving of hot rice included! The stew isn't quite spicy at all though. I have tried this dish in other korean restos and they're spicy. Jjigae means stew by the way ^___^

 Kimbap 김밥

This isn't japanese sushi, it's kimbap! It's made of bap (steamed white rice) rolled in gim (dried seaweed). The filling is made from meat (beef in this case, but they have tuna kimbap too for the same price), eggs and vegetables. There's hotdog too idk if that's tradition or just a twist at this restaurant.There are many other varieties of kimbap in Korea but there's only beef and tuna at Hanayo. 

 Japchae 잡채 with haemol jeon 해멀 전
I'm not sure of the price because the menu says P130 but under a picture with only Chapchae. Haemol jeon can be bought separately for P145.

Ah~~ my friends love this. They even ordered a separate Haemol jeon because that's how much they love it (forgot to take a picture because i was so full!). Jap (mixed/stirred), chae (vegetables).

It's made from dangmyeon (sweet potato noodles), stir fried in sesame oil with vegetables (thinly sliced carrots, onion, mushroom and sometimes spinach), and sometimes beef. It's flavoured with soy sauce, sweetened with sugar, and sprinkled with sesame seeds. The noodles are dry btw, and may either be served hot or cold. In the picture, there's thin slices of scrambled egg, i think... I can't remember what I've eaten! Haha!

For the haemol jeon, there's soy sauce for dipping! Haemol Jeon (Jeon means korean pancake) is literally scrambled eggs (plus wheat flour) with slices of meat, seafood, vegetables, etc depending on the restaurant that prepares it. I can't remember the ingredients of Haemol Jeon in Hanayo. They also have Kimchi Jeon for P125.

The following pictures below are from a separate visit at Hanayo restaurant but I decided to include them anyway~

Ramyeon 라면

The most basic korean food ever. If you haven't tried this yet, you're probably living under a rock lol just kidding. Usually, the noodles are instant and the toppings are added. Ramyeon is typically spicy in South Korea while in North Korea, it's milder and has a brothier flavor. :)

At Hanayo, you can buy three kinds of ramyeon. The plain one, the one with mandu (dumpling), or the one with tteok (korean rice cake). The last two are both P115.

Saengson Jeon 생선 전

My friend ordered this one and I never had the change to taste it so i'm just leaving a trace of saengson jeon on my blog! It's another jeon but made with saengson (fish). So i think it's like fish fillet?

All dishes are served with Kimchi by the way. ;)

What korean food do you love to eat?
What korean restaurants have you tried?

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