Review: Laneige Pore Clear Essence

Last year, on the day I went to Unica Hija for the style makeover, me and my friend were give a sample of Laneige's pore clear essence. Laneige is a korean brand from Amore Pacific that's a bit expensive for a student like me and I've only tried their highly coveted Sleeping Pack EX (which I will do a separate review) so I'm glad to receive this for reviewing~

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The full size (20ml) looks like this

Product description:
- Refines clogged pores with dead cells around and unevenly discolored pores due to oxidized sebum - Lactobacillus and Beauty Berry ingredients help to remove dead cells around clogged pores and accelerated turnover of skin cells to smooth down rough skin texture. It also removes impurities accumulated in the pores to prevent creation of troubles, black heads, white heads and enlarged pores - Pore Berry Complex helps to Regain supply of water into the unbalanced skin condition disturbed by excessive sebum secretion and lack of moisture, and fortifies the defense system against skin troubles
- Excels pore tightening effects when used before Pore Tightening Essence by clearly caring the inside and outside of the pores (source)

For combination and oily skin, suitable for day and night use

Active ingredients:

My thoughts

The focus was supposed to be on the cream, not my neck keke~ sorry :o

The consistency is like cream, it's white but when applied it's clear. The product is supposed to be applied on the troubled pore area with cotton bud after emulsion in the morning and evening as stated in the website but I applied this only at night right after washing my face. I didn't see much improvement even though I used it only on targeted pimples but the biggest turnabout was when I popped a cystic pimple (ew i know), cleaned up the area to make sure there's no more oozing fluid coming out before applying the essence. Guess what! After a few days, it healed completely and left no mark at all. So my judgment tells me that this product worked on me best when my pore was open (right after extraction ew). It somehow makes the pore clear when it's open. But I do not recommend popping your pimples on your own though~ how about asking the derma if you can use this right after the cleaning up the skin with a facial?

Goodbye~ have a great day and thanks for reading.