From the mail: Wishtrend!

  Last week, the local postman delivered a card to our house which means that a new package is waiting for me! So the next morning, I went to the post office and claimed the item~ I was surprised that I didn't have to pay for some kind of tax (?) for this package like the previous one I got from kiwiberry1 (check out my post, there's a lot of pretty pairs of falsies)!

Want to know what's inside that huge box chocolate flavored socks? CLICK TO READ MORE! /please

This one came from Korea~ imagine all the happiness swimming inside me when I saw the address kekeke~ /blush

My very awesome dad drove me that morning because I was also set to leave and go back to Manila (and I had a lot of stuff with me). When I opened the package and saw this, I really thought it was a huge bar of chocolate but then the huge SOCKS word was also plastered so I didn't know what to think, so I just thought OH I HAVE A HUGE CHOCOLATE SHAPED LIKE SOCKS TO EAT LATER. It only occurred to me that they weren't chocolate when I opened it to take photos. /no /XD

Sockstaz chocolate socks in Milk. There's two pairs of socks inside and they both smell like chocolate~

 There's also a handmade organic soap from Vanilla Berry. What I got was the brown + oriental soap which smells like a strong expensive perfume in a good way. I was so amazed with the "oriental" part because, look at the perfect carving, it looks like a rosebud! The packaging is also divine~

 There's also a perfume sample from Perfumelifer.

And Rojukiss whitening set!~ I originally wanted to skip this because I'm on a "skin diet" and been using AcneCare only so i skip using new products in order for me to see whether it does work or not. But my mom told me to try it so I might try and do a review then. /hmm

By the way, these were sent to me by Wishtrend because I won their Christmas giveaway. They announced the winner at January but I wasn't able to contact them. It was a double blessing to win the giveaway and be informed by thetouchofyellow about it. So, thank you girl! ;)

Thanks for reading~! /bye

Get lucky! Click on the photos to win
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(6) Artist Studio Brushes, 
ELF Mechanical Eyelash Curler, 
Suesh Blending Sponge & Powder Puff

Etude House AC Clinic Travel Kit (toner & emulsion), Nature Republic Advanced Cell Travel Kit(toner & fluid), The Face Shop Chia Seeds Cotton Pads, (3) Soo Essence Facial Masks, Odbo Cheek Tint in 01, PLUS Samples Galore!!! (2) Levinia Shampoo Samples, (2) Lapitak Samples, (2) The Face Shop Collagen Samples, The Body Shop Shiso Whitening Serum Sample, (2) iWhite Aqua Moisturizing Cream Samples, Re Cell II Sample, The Face Shop V-Lifting Cream Sample and Ecorre BB Cream Sample.