Bubzbeauty's DIY Acne/Scar Reducing Mask & Toner

I came across an old bubzbeauty video a few days ago, I must say that I really love her DIYs! They are so fun to do and very helpful. I decided to give this one a try since I have all of the things she mentioned in the video.

How to Make the Mask

You will need: 
1 tsp apple cider vinegar (preferably organic ACV)
2 tsp cooled down green tea
5 tsp sugar
1 tsp honey
2 tsp sugar

Mixing bowl
Glass jar

As much as possible, do not use any metal since the ACV is too strong. /dignose

1. Mix them in order since Bubz mixed them in order.
2. From the mixing bowl, transfer them in a glass jar but make sure to leave about two tsp so you could use the mask right away. Put the glass jar in the fridge. Makes 3-4 applications and will last for two weeks.
3. Now, you could either use a cotton pad/cotton ball to smear the mixture on your face.
4. Massage you face with circular motions for 2-5mins. Be gentle.
5. Let it settle for 10mins and then rinse off.

How to Make the Toner
2 parts green tea
1 part apple cider vinegar
1 tsp of olive oil (for moisture benefits) - optional
1 tsp lemon juice/tea tree oil (to treat acne scars even more) - optional

Glass jar

Mix all together or shake the glass jar just like bubzbeauty did /nobigdeal


1. Use at night time if you're not used to the smell (ahem ACV). But usually the honey overpowers the smell of the ACV so that's okay...for the mask. The toner though uhmm /hmm
2. Use mask. Then toner. Then moisturize. Bubz uses the famous Egyptian Magic that a lot of beauty bloggers and celebrities like.
3. Use this 1-2 times a week.
4. If you want a real person's video review for this, check out this.
5. I recommend using ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. Absolutely not ordinary vinegar or plain ACV. 
6. You can find tea tree oil in Zen Zest. I have reviewed their tea tree oil here.
7. I think you may substitute olive oil with coconut oil.

1I've only tried it once yesterday but I only followed the mask since I already have a good toner (Human Nature Tomato toner) and I immediately felt results after I rinsed the mask off. My skin felt soft right away! I heard you have to do this for two weeks so you would see optimal results. I'm planning to do this every other day, though. I think it depends on you because this girl right here said she used the mask every night.

Watch Bubzbeauty's video here:

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