EXO-K for The Face Shop!

I found a new Exo fan site (for me, that is) and it's not just a fan site...it's a style-dedicated exo fan site! Omg, why have i not seen this before? I was scrolling along the September stuff and found this! The Face Shop, EXO-K and mangoes!

"With the release of its new Mango Seed range this Autumn, The Face Shop has revealed fresh photoshoots of EXO-K for the advertising campaign of the beauty products.
The concept is fun and in theme with the mango colours: yellow and green. The boys can indeed pull off the casual preppy look in the most unusual colours and yet still look stylish!" - Source
This post is picture heavy but it won't slow down your internet, I think...because I grabbed these from Facebook and Facebook has lo-res photos /XD

I have a question...are there plenty of mangoes in Korea? It's a tropical fruit so...yeah. There are not much mangoes in the Phil at this season...I think. We have a mango tree in the backyard and it's not sprouting any :D

I promise you won't regret reading, so please click READ MORE to see more TFS x EXO-K goodness /please

Baekhyun. He hit the high notes perfectly, the main vocalist! Click here for more photos.

Chanyeol~!!!!! My BIAS hohoho. Also known as the happy virus/giant with a gentle face and a seriously deep voice. He mainly raps in EXO-K haha. He's super tall (185cm), tallest among all of them haha. His personality is like this (see those three guys, he's the one behind Baekhyun, who's in the middle), he's all hi hi hi while Kris is like, bitch don't touch me hahaha! Click here for more happy virus x TFS! K that was long for Chanyeol, see he's my bias. /blush

Sehun. The youngest in EXO-K and the lead dancer!! He's only 19 hahaha, or is it 18 or 20 in Korea aaaaah i'm confused. He's holding a hanky from TFS, i think it's a freebie/contest photo. I couldn't find a couch photo of him either. Click here for more Sehun!

Kai. The dancing machine and lead rapper! He's also known as the sexy-darker skin guy who's a bit mysterious kekeke~  Couldn't find a photo of him on a couch like the others so I grabbed this from the album here, check it out for more!

 D.O. aww cute! I wish he raps more because there's a video wherein he raps but it was sooo short as in super seconds lang! Main vocalist like Baekhyun! Click here for more TFS x D.O. photos!

 Suho! The EXO-K leader and lead vocalist, although he is, I'm not that familiar with him. Must watch more videos kekeke~ For more photos click here!

 I think TFS was raffling off these signed polaroid photos by EXO-K. Gosh, I wish I live in Korea!!!   /floor
This is the poster featuring their superpowers in MAMA :D I wish TFS would have the MANGO SEED line in Phil asap, would like to try it! It looks like it smells good. Haha that was ironic. Is the Chia Seed any good? Has anyone tried it? Tell me!!

To see the complete photos, check out the EXO facebook page!
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THE FACE SHOP PHILIPPINES!!! Please please please promise to include EXO-K as endorser, be sure by Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert, they're the endorsers na ha!!! I want those posters like suuuper /please

CONCLUSION: And since I was planning to try the HD Perfect BB Cream and the Rice stuff from TFS, then I saw this, I must go to TFS this week. I'll include Healthy Options because I've been dying to buy flax seeds and other stuff for health reasons. /wahaha

P.S. All photos were grabbed from The Face Shop Korea Facebook
P.P.S. I wish TFS would have their own official Facebook already