Review: SkinFood Gold Kiwi Line - Toner, Emulsion, Cream + Dream High Korean drama

Minjung Lee, SkinFood endorser/model

I'm back!! Today (lol tonight) I'm going to review:
SkinFood Gold Kiwi Toner
SkinFood Gold Kiwi Emulsion
SkinFood Gold Kiwi Cream
Dream High (korean drama)

Last December, my favorite mommy blogger, together with SkinFood Philippines gave away sample kits of the Gold Kiwi line (new at that time) to bloggers, and I was very lucky to have received a kit (and two of my friends too!)!! Chicsassymom made us sign a form and we received vouchers in our emails. Thank you unni! ♥

I still haven't finished everything in the set I got, haha i know they are quite few compared to the number of sample the other bloggers received. Oh, thank you Mall of Asia branch (lol sarcasm here)!

(check out my new year haul post here)

Okay so the kit included a really awesome booklet about the Gold Kiwi line. A little something:

[A Secret in GoldKiwi fruits] Do you know that New Zealanders eat goldkiwis without peeling them off not to miss out their nutritional effects? Skinfood has newly discovered a substance found in the goldkiwis's skin, helps restore your sun-damaged skin from deep under.

...And we've discovered that the skin of the gold kiwi contains the secret of bright, flawless skin: quercetin, a potent antioxidant that combats sun damage.

Minjung Lee, SkinFood endorser/model

It says in the booklet (in the little statistics chart table thing) that according to their research, a 4-week clinical trial:

For yellow skin tones: 43% improvement after 4 weeks of application
Skin redness: 42% improvement in red tones after 4 weeks of application
Skin brightness: 20% improvement in skin brightness after 4 weeks of application
Prevents skin temperature rise (lowers skin temperature by up to 1.5 ÂșC ) - which is a plus! because i always feel like my face becomes a bit hot after some time

The GoldKiwi Moisture Whitening Line is recommended if:
* You want brghtening skin care products with a lightweight texture
* Your skin is dry and dull-looking
* You want non-greasy, lightweight skin care products formulated for dry skin
* You want cooling moisture-based skin care products

SkinFood Gold Kiwi Toner
First off, I love this toner! Smells good, like with that really yummy smell haha. And whenever I apply this after washing my face, there is this extra cooling sensation I feel...hmm awesome i love products with cooling-minty feel (didn't mean the minty smell)! I don't know about the whitening properties of this toner though, I'm not sure of the effect on me because I did not notice any whitening during usage so, 4/5.

Tip: It is recommended to use a cosmetic cotton (the round flat pads) when using this toner. You can buy one in your nearest supermarket (saw them at SM). They look like this.

SkinFood Gold Kiwi Emulsion (packaging looks the same as the toner)
This emulsion is my favorite in the line! It's not too thick and it gives a fair amount of moisture even without the cream. I know you're supposed to tone-put emulsion-then cream but with this emulsion, I'm already contented, haha! After I wash my face and dry a bit (retain some water to lock in moisture!), I pat the emulsion and poof! My skin looks translucent and fresh with that little shiny glow. No cooling effect as obvious as the toner in my experience though so, 4/5.

SkinFood Gold Kiwi Cream
First of all, I would like to point out that this is it a tub. Hello, tubby i hate tubbies!! They are so not hygienic. :( Well although the one i received is in a sachet, still. I don't like creams in tubs...unless they come with a spatula like Laneige products. I did not enjoy this cream much because SkinFood Mall of Asia only gave one to me (Idk about other bloggers if they received more than one sachet). I will not rate this because I feel like I have not judged the cream fairly for it only lasted for two uses (the sample given).

Tip: Use a spatula for hygienic purposes! Haha!

I like this line because it has brightening properties, the smell - smells good!, packaging - average. Price - ohmo the price! SkinFood in the Philippines is like, totally overpriced like 200% haha (well idk if not all products are that sky high).Some bloggers buy online...try to search for legitimate SkinFood sellers online (ahem Multiply).

Do I recommend this? Hmm yes! The emulsion and toner are nice!
Repurchase? Probably not. I want to try other lines! Like the Platinum Grape Cell :D


Haha I know this drama is the product of 2011 but i am late in watching dramas lol. I still haven't finished City Hunter (lol stuck at episode 14-ish). Aww I love Dream High!!! I just finished the drama's first series...ahem they made a dream high 2 but with a different cast, boo v.v

The songs...omo the music in this series are sooo good. I feel like downloading all of them songs for my phone (i don't just feel lol i will most definitely do because i'm OC like that) :D

I love Bae Suzy (from girl group Miss A)!! She's so young. Aww she was only 16 when the drama was filmed, she was the youngest! Haha she's actually younger than me by a couple of months..i've realized after googling ;) It's her first time to act in the drama in fact. Although her character, Hye-Mi seems very rude (you'll love her eventually), in person (lol like we've met! haha!) - actually in the youtube vids like the behind the scenes-like etc...she's actually very gentle and seems very nice. All the others in the cast are older than her haha like oppa and unni except for IU.
Oh and the milky couple!! Kim Pil Suk (IU) and Jason (funny Wooyoung), i love them hahaha. IU is a wonderful independent singer and she's young too - about 17 when the drama was filmed. Check out her song from the Dream High OST here.

I heard the Dream High 2 is not as nice as the first one. But i'm still gonna watch. Why can't they have the same cast??!?!?!? Awww :( I want Dream High 3 with the cast of the first one!! Who's with me? Lol

I am now watching Playfull Kiss (lol), i being soo behind!

Sorry for all my blabbing! Oh and thank you for reading! ♥

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aMz88 said...

i tried the kiwi but i dont use it everyday :P so i duno if it works or not but it does smell hellah great i even want a kiwi cologne now lolz :)) if there is one hehe..

watched Dream High 1 was awesome! DH2 ill prolly wont watch it :P i have no time anyway :( tell me what u think about the DH2 aight ;)

Mara Feliz said...

Ohohoho I really wanna try that line but dammit the Skin Food products here are so expensive!!!! But thanks so much for this review :)

Kisses! xxx

Zelle ♥ said...

@Amz -Yes! Haha i am currently looking for the perfect summer perfume and i'm considering getting something that smells like skinfood's goldkiwi hehe. Omo, sure i'll write something about DH2 but it'll probably take me ages to finish watching it hahaha i'm so slow

@Mara - hello! yes yes skinfood philippines is so expensive!! they should lower their profit margin/target whatever so that they'll more loyal customers! people tend to buy online and some get the fake ones, then they get bad reactions and blog something inappropriate lol. You're very much welcome!!

Shang J. said...

I haven't seen Kiwi around here. But it sounds great. =D

Anonymous said...

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Wonder Woman said...

You're very lucky indeed! Would love to get those! :)