Review: NYX Round Lipstick Perfect, Echo & NYX Tinted Lipspa Copacabana

Hurray! After several months, I am able to finally get on with the review for these babies! I bought them separately; NYX Perfect and Tinted Lipspa Copacabana from  Pampered Beauty and the NYX Echo from The Make Up Store. They are both really nice sellers ;) The Make Up Store has a bigger customer network because she used to have, like, a thousand or two people who liked her page but she recently had a new one, the first one was somehow blocked by some other seller (probably insecure, lol).

LSS 608 Perfect
TLS01 Copacabana
LSS Perfect (Left) and LSS Echo (Right)

 Wearing LSS 510 Echo (with flash)
I love this! I've been on the search for that Nude lipstick. At first, I chose the one in round lipstick with that name but it was out of stock. :(  But Izza of The Make Up Store recommended Echo, said it was the bestseller in the bazaar. :)

 Wearing LSS608 Perfect (with flash)
 I once crazy about this shade. I wanted something normal, everyday wear so I bought this!

I unfortunately do not have a picture with TLS01 Copacabana on, I lost it after Alyanna's 18th birthday! :'(
I think I left it at our table when they started bringing out the drinks. Or inside the restroom, because I kept retouching my makeup whenever I go to the restroom to pee (approximately every hour, I think). I don't know why, but I peed a lot that night. Probably because of the drinks, hee.

Anyway, Copacabana is a light, lipspa. It really is just a TINTED Lipspa. Like a lipbalm, I think. But it doesn't do much of the "lipspa" work because my lips were still a bit dry!

Overall rating:
LSS Echo - 4/5. Not perfect because it wasn't the nude-pink I wasn't looking for but it's still a nice shade of nude!
LSS Perfect - 3/5. I wasn't totally in love with the shade. It's so common. However, it looks really good if I apply it with Echo! It looks like a nude pink shade.
TLS01 Copacabana - 4/5. I love the color on my lips! It's like, MLBB (my lips but better).  It's not perfect rating though, because aside from not really moisturizing my lips (lipspa), when I wear it and smile, my teeth's yellow-ish color is prominent. That's why you should always wear a darker shade if you want your teeth to look whiter, they say. The bestseller of the tinted lipspa line! But I lost it! </3

 I hope this review was helpful! Thanks for reading!