Review: Etude House Vitafoam Mini Line (Orange)



So, me and my friend, Daphne went to Etude House. And, I found this line of facial wash (which I found out at the Etude House Facebook page), and I decided to buy one! 

I was about to buy the yellow one, but a really nice saleslady was guiding us and she fetched the orange one inside the cabinet under the shelf. There was only one orange vitafoam left so I decided to purchase it! She also said that it was their bestseller.

The common question we would ask ourselves here is that, what the fudge is the difference between them all?! Well, here they are:


Red. For skin elasticity. Vitamin A. White floral incense.

Yellow. For stressed skin. Vitamin C. Lemon citrus incense.

Green. For skin protection (no idea if it means sun protection though). Vitamin B3. Lime and mint incense.

Blue. Promotes cell reproduction. Vitamin B5. Blackberry incense.

Orange. Promotes skin circulation. Vitamin E. Sweet orange incense.


My Review for the Orange one.




What is says: Vitamin formulated facial foam cleanser supplies a thorough cleanse with a pleasant scent.

Price: Php 148 ($3.42)

Weight: 60ml (2.02 fl.oz.)

Made in Korea




Lovely packaging

My skin feels really clean and tight (a bit of a CON) after wash



Smell. Lovely scent? Ugh! I was turned off by the smell (Orange), but I got used to it after some time though. It kind of smells like rusty water for me.

Purpose. I don't know if it's really supposed to promote skin circulation because I can't feel it, but maybe it does.


Will I repurchase?

Maybe. If I'm going to repurchase, I'll try the other type, like the blue one.


Credits to Etude House PH Facebook for information and photos

Thanks for reading!

What about you, have you tried the vitafoam line? 









aMz88 said...

i tried this one :) the smell kinda irritated me at first since its a little strong orangey scent but the result is fantastic! this is the reason why my face for white as a ghost! its a good thing for some but for me i dont want to be a ghost lolz

i might try tea tree next time for my red spots prob ^^

Zelle ♥ said...

Hi Aimee! Yup, the orange scent is kind of disturbing. Really, it makes your face whiter? Lol, i didn't know that! I also noticed that my face got whiter, i don't know if it's because of this or the other stuff i put on my face, though. Lol. Thanks for dropping by!