Good music, odd weather and giveaway winner announcement

Without further ado, with only three entries, the lucky winner is...

Congratulations! Already sent you an email.

Thank you to everyone who joined. I really appreciate your support!

Of the flood and goofing around

A little glum because of the weather? Tell me about it. So here, I found a really interesting site making fun of photos in the Philippines and the flood.

I just got home from Metro Manila. My 'other' place is near UST, so you hear all about the stuff they say about the flood and UST area? Yes, I kinda live there and my tuesday/wednesday kinda felt like zombie apocalypse. Everyone's having a hard time walking, like drunk-zombies on a river. All the streets are flooded with rain water mixed with dead rats, dead cockroaches, dead branches, dirty trashes and other dead stuff except people. Even when you're crossing the flood, there's these 'street kids' who bug you when you're late for class who were swimming in the flood and asking for coins. O__O

I even saw the inside of a 'currently closed' famous fastfood chain branch filled with dead cockroaches on the floor. So how did they get inside? Nobody knows. We were outside in the rain and flood because we had to buy food and we were kinda carrying our bags with the intention to get home. It was also hard to get a ride back home btw. Again, tuesday/wednesday totally felt like the end, I mean c'mon room mate let's sing 2012!!! We failed to get a ride home btw for some reasons so we just had to return to our dorm for safety by boat (oh yes a boat no kidding). We just had to take a video that time but there's no way i'm posting it because we look and sound like we're high. Anyway I'm just so thankful that we got home safely, even if it was sooo hassling because almost all places are flooded!

Of Kimbra and music

from Google

I'm so totally in looove with Kimbra's music. Totally. As in. Ever ever. She's so original and...and...i can't explain it, I just love her! For some odd reason, I think she sings better live (or I prefer the live version because they sound different than the ones in the original videos). It's not just her music, it's also how she expresses herself in her live sessions that makes her awesome. She does not only perform live, she spices it up a lot. Check these out:

Photo from Converse


Not live (but still awesome):
Warrior - Mark Foster (Foster the People), A-Trak, Kimbra [Converse]

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