Thrift finds!

 These stuffs I bought were from a thrift store...can you believe I got all of them for less than Php 400?! :))

I love this bag!

I bought a long top/dress for church.

This one is a bit short for church so it's a "going to the mall" top.

Huhu look at this damage! :(

 I found a Cecil McBee top! Yey for Japanese brands :D

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roviedear said...

Great finds!!! :) I love the bag :)

Rovie, The Bargain Doll

Zelle ♥ said...

Hi ms. rovie!! :) Yup! that bag is my favorite too :))


Those are great finds! Especially the bag! Super chic dear :))

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Thank you so much! :))


Rinny said...

You found some really cute things! I love the purse :D

Zelle ♥ said...

Thank you everyone for dropping by :))

Anna Brain said...

Soooo beautiful!! :)