Review: Sophie Martin Koshize Pen Eyeliner + winnings from The Touch of Yellow

This will be just a quick review since I have to leave early for school~ and it's exam week. In this picture, I was using the Etude House secret long #02 eyelashes which I reviewed before.

This is the first ever pen liner I bought and it was a year ago and it's still alive~ lol i don't use it often because I don't wear makeup. I use this when there's a special occasion, so that predominantly means I use this rarely. Hmm so what do i think about this? It's pretty cheap compared to the Maybelline, Bobbi Brown, and other brands that can be bought in malls. I don't know about the contents because it says 0.8ml and i'm not sure about the other brands. What I don't like about it is it's not smudge proof...yes, it says waterproof but i don't think it lived up to its claim. It's also not that pigmented and I feel like I am wearing a regular Sharpie on my eyelids. Maybe use Sharpie instead? *shrugs* I'm not a PRO when it comes to putting on eyeliner, hence the picture above, the tail of my eyeliner isn't perfect. By the way, the "line" near the inner corner of my eye isn't the eyeliner, it's the falsies that i am also a bit noob on putting on. Kekeke~ What I love about it is that it's cheap - anyway, for a price of Php 250 or USD 6.18, i think it's a good purchase for beginners - and you can also draw thin lines with it. Will i repurchase? Probably not. Would like to try other brands.

These are the stuff I got from a giveaway from the thetouchofyellow~ yey korean cosmetics and other thingies! My personal favorite is that Missha Moist24 manuka honey hand cream. Smells really good and not sticky~ I will try some of the products after the exam week (and the DKFC concert kekeke) since my skin might not agree with them when I'm stressed lol.

Oh look here. I forgot the brand and name of the nailpolish but I had my nails done at Cosmopolitan Asturias (near UST). It's actually the color of UST Jfinex but this picture doesn't show much. I love that the chair I sat on matches the "dark brown-grey" part of my purse and my purse matches my nails. LOL. A lot of thomasians go there, so do try~

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