Review: Etude House Pearl Extract Mask Sheet

If you remembered my last post (which was last week), it as about my mini Christmas haul. It's about time I review one of the items there so I decided to test out this Etude House mask sheet I got as a freebie along with my purchase. (Photo above, Pearl Extract is on the right).

I'm not a big fan of mask sheets but I've seen a lot of YouTube videos and other blogs rave about them, it's apparently very popular in korea and is also claimed as a "beauty secret". This is only my second try of a mask sheet. The first one was also from Etude, the green tea which gave me a bump.

Price: Php 58 or USD 1.41
Description: Essence mask sheet contains pearl extract that promotes natural skin glow. Tension fit design for improved facial adhesion and comfort.
Active Ingredient: Hydrolyzed Pearl
Directions: Apply mask sheet to cleansed face and leave on for 20~30mins. Remove mask and massage remaining solution into skin with hands. Recommended interval for mask application is every 2~3 days for maximum efficacy. Hold and apply sheet according to diagram. Pull tabs outwards against facial surface to incite tension fit.
Vol: 23ml
Ingredients (photo is not mine), click the photo to enlarge:
My thoughts:
Since I don't have much experiences on mask sheets, I wouldn't say my review is on extreme points. When I have a mask sheet, I put them in the fridge first so when I put in on my face it's cooling. After washing and patting my face dry, I placed the sheet on my face and it fits well, contrary to what others say for it being too big. I left it on my face for about 25mins. My skin is combination but I wouldn't say some parts are extremely dry. I have acne scars and red spots. After I wash my face, they calm a bit so I took note of how my skin looked before the mask. The result was: nothing. I felt that there was no improvement and it did nothing to my skin. It left behind a sticky, a bit heavy feeling. I preferred it when I just washed my face and didn't put this mask.  I don't think it made my skin glow at all.

I also don't like it because the fragrance did nothing to make me love this mask. It smells like decaying trash or that watery thing from smelly food leftovers that has liquid. Ugh, it just doesn't smell right. The batch code is either GG046 20140z12ㅠE지 or GG046 20140z12ㅠㅏ지.

Will I repurchase? No. It's cheap but it didn't work. I would like to try the other variants though. 
Rating: 2/5. It didn't leave me with anything I don't like (ahem, pimples). But it didn't do anything good either.