Which is better: suede or leather boots?

I'm in a total quandary on what pair should i get from Asian Vogue. Will you help me decide? /please

SHOE #1 They look cool! Planning to get the grey one if ever i happen to choose this. Is little fur okay (in terms of appearance) or is too hot, you think? 

SHOE #2 Look at this classy little baby. /blush But hey, here's facts about suede: they can be great for casuals, can be dressed up easily and they're comfy but they can catch dirt easily. Suede + rainwater is a no-no either.
SHOE #3 Suede again. This is almost the same as the first one except that it has laces and the front has a darker black at the front. Did you know that sneaker wedge heels are in? This one almost look like these, which i'm not sure if you can run with. 

SHOE #4 This is another suede boots but open-toed. I want this type of shoe because: 1) wedge, very comfy i think 2) this kind of shoe looks great with skirt, leggings (especially leather) and shorts. Suede, you are so awesome. But why are you hard to clean? /no

SHOE #5 Here's a leather version of the latter. Yes, black and leather are both classy. But i still want the fashionableness (if there is such word) of suede. I really don't know what to get. /blur

SHOE #6 Here's another leather version but there's unique design at the sides. Cool, right? I think i prefer this more than the previous leather one. Do you? /hmm

So here's something different (won't be included in the poll). I already have a pair of ankle strap nude heels but they are peep toe and not shiny. I think you should always get the shiny nude one if you want an illusion of longer legs. So if ever i'll choose this, i'll probably get the black because i haven't bought a classic black pair yet (that i could use for seminars in school that call formal action...or outfit). /wahaha

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Shari said...

I voted!! :) Good luck on which youre getting! ALL are nice naman! Cant wait to wear heels after givin birth!

Followed your blogelz, sis!! :)

The Misty Mom

Zelle ♥ said...

Haha yes they're all nice! Oh you're preggy, take care! And thanks! :)