Feeling. Weekstagram.

Hi! For the past few days I've only been up to: hanging out with friends and watching anime. And in between, I kinda stalk the lovely people on lookbook and I kind of discovered a new (to me, at least) online shop based in Manila because of Wicked Ying (which is also a new discovery for me). So here's a few hints of the past few days.

1. Went to Mega (Actually Glorietta, to watch The Perks of being a Wallflower, but there's none so we watched Sinister at Mega instead, boohoo!) and checked out F21 a day before the sale. Found this awesome blazer and it's the only one left
2. Bought this Oryspa Rice Powder Face Mask I've been eyeing on ever since chicsassymom blogged about being a wellness ambassador. Want to be one? Purchase the kit for P1500 worth of products. I think you can also get 10% off on their products? Correct me if i'm wrong.
3. A picture of the cork board filled with memos written by Bubble Crush customers. Bubble Crush sells milktea here in the south. I ordered Honeydew since I usually buy either Wintermelon or Royal or Blueberry when I'm in Manila. I thought it was too sweet but okay. Their prices are more expensive than the ones around UST (Medium, P65. Large, P75). They also have wi-fi. The place = minimalism. See that awesome early 20th century phone? Hehe.
4. Me wearing a vintage Chanel dress from Vintage Diaries that I won here and one of the necklaces that I'm pretty sure I won here (although I got necklaces instead of the top and a necklace in the picture, it's okay). I have so many pimples on the cheeks right now! :(
5. Here's how the dress looks when worn. Wore the dress with a teal belt that matches the necklace and a satchel from Unica Hija. I want to have this dress altered to make it more wearable (I also think that it's too thick).
6. The necklaces I won. The white one broke, can you see the upper right side of it? I think it's because of the shipping. It's also too heavy to be placed just like that, too bad I like it very much.

Going to a friend's birthday later, what should I wear? Wish I could get this dress instantly from the screen but noooo. Oh and that's the online shop I was talking about earlier in the post.

Au revoir~

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