With SkinWhite, I Can Be the Fairest of Them All

When I was born, I was pink. When I was a small kid, I was white. But then when I reached my senior high school year until I stepped into college, I got darker. When I was a college freshie, I had to commute from my house to my school in Manila. Commuting is not a very pleasant word to me, because that would mean three things: pollution, skin ageing and skin darkening. Don't get me wrong, I love the sun! I wish I could get out and about under the sunlight. But the thought of having the UV rays destroy my skin and make it age and darken is a big turn-off. I loved bathing under the sun. In fact, in my senior year in high school, I was one of the instructors for our CAT swimming lessons for the seniors and we had to stay under the scorching sun half the day.

When we had a summer outing at a water resort, we decided to lie on the sand and take pictures.  A friend said, "Hey, you're face is darker than your body" (lol that ticked me off). When another friend and I were in the ladies room to change to dry clothes, I saw her use a cream-like thing while the others are using face powder to fix up. I asked what that was, and she told me it's SkinWhite Power whitening face cream powder. She said she doesn't use powder anymore and she only uses that, I asked why and then she showed me the 'thing'. It says it has SYNCHROWHITE ACTION that:

WHITENS the skin’s surface
REDUCES formation of new dark pigments at its source
NOURISHES skin with Vitamins and;
PROTECTS skin against toxins and UV rays

And I thought that I should do something nice for my skin too. Like a break. A skin diet. Like makeup that's good for you. Or like makeup that does something better than your usual makeup. So I decided to try the SkinWhite Power whitening face cream powder. I used to wear sunblock under face powder but I stopped. This whitening face cream powder is economical; like using three products instead of one! Sunblock, face powder and whitening! With SkinWhite, you can have that beautiful blush white skin that your price charming can't resist! Parang Snow White ba ang peg? Hehe, yes you can be the fairest of them all with SkinWhite!

Have you seen the SkinWhite commercial? I'm sure you have. Bakit ba ang pogi ni Ivan D!! Haha!

Click on the link below to know more about Synchrowhite Action from Kim Chiu:
Watch the BEST KILIG BFF Story on how SkinWhite works!
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*This is a sponsored post but my personal story is true

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Rin Handika said...

Just found your blog, really nice post dear :)
Maybe we can follow each other? Kisses:*

kerker said...

havent seen that! i know what you mean, i use to have really fair skin then i just kept getting more and more tanned. its weird..

xo kerker
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Zelle ♥ said...

@Rin - thank you! Very nice fashion blog, followed you!

@kerker - Yup, ikr :| :)) thanks for dropping by!