The Beauty Junkee's Grand 3rd Anniversary Giveaway!

From The Beauty Junkee's blog:

This giveaway is a tribute to all the loyal TBJ readers, avid blog readers, (we value your visits!) supporters, my family, and of course, my fellow beauty bloggers who continually share this passion with me, no matter how crazy it may seem to other people.

I've worked on this giveaway all- March long, and I am so happy to know that my hardwork has bore so many wonderful fruits--- fruits that are worth a whopping P70,000.00. Yep, you've read it right. I am giving away 70k worth of prizes to 16 lovely contestants.

Here are some of the prizes at stake!

That's individual sets, right there! Yup, crazy plenty right?
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Menachérie said...

Cool giveaway!

I am hosting a giveaway for some great accessories if you're interested: