I won a first prize giveaway and it's my first + Review for L.A. Passion Mineral Two-Way Powder + Personal entry

Been so totally busy for the past few weeks even though second semester has just started)...couldn't find a spare time to blog about different things primarily because, I was again back home after two weeks (wasn't able to return home last week because of the Pasig River Run). Here's a proof...
See, I look so darn happy after that run. Phew, so tiring! Okay, I admit, we only did the 3K (because of my college dept.) but still. Look at me!!! Sweat! Wasted!

Then we waited for the mall to open (ohmygosh long freaking wait), then we looked around for a place to eat. There were so many earthlings to the point where you could say, we waited for a table to get cleared and then we could sit. This was in a japanese restaurant i forgot the name, lol:

We also saw lots of interesting people, weird people and couples who were fighting (lol). Okay, random.

Anyway, to the review...
Truth is, I don't know much about this brand. Me and my dorm-mates were doing the usual walk-leisurely checking-out test-products thing and one product caught my attention. I was like, "Ooh, it's Mineral makeup." Then a sales lady came and I tested the product and found that it was glittery like my other mineral makeup from Avon (which I'm not using anymore except as a highlighter) and I got turned off. Then I saw this "Mineral Two-way Powder with SPF 10" and naturally I got interested again. I took the Perfect Beige and paid for it. When I got home (dorm), I read the ingredients and I was like, "Oh fudge i got fooled." Yeah, it has Mineral ingredients but it's not purely mineral/organic which is what I'm looking for a 'mineral'-named product.

One of the ingredients I hated the most: Propyl Paraben. There's also Silica. :|

Anyway it's doing its job well anyway for almost Php 400, I think it's kind of worth it. Though I firmly believe that I was fooled by the 'mineral' word. If you are ingredient-conscious like me, you should really read the ingredients first before you purchase.

Sorry I couldn't provide photos of the product now, I forgot my card reader in Manila. All I have is a camera without file-transfer capabilities on its own.

EDITED: Here are photos of the two-way cake I bought!

ON MY FIRST PRIZE WINNING!!! OH MY GOSH!!! OH MY (insert word here)!!!

So, yeah. The first ever online contest I won in my entire online blogging life. I haven't received them yet, yeah I know, it's already days passed. But Nicole said she's waiting for the items from Anagon so that we could already meet to hand me my winnings. Here is a photo...

Haha, imagine my surprise when I read my email and saw that she mentioned me on a tweet. Oh, what excites me the most is the P1000 Asian Vogue gift certificate. I wonder if I'm going to consider buying three pairs since there's a starting discount for that range.

And to close my blog entry for tonight (lol it's already 2 AM)...I'm gonna share the most difficult edit I have ever done (because I currently do not have Adobe Photoshop and got stuck with pixlr.com):

Yeah, this one took me hours to make because I was multi-tasking and trying to get my creative juices flow (squeezing it hard). I made the background with the help of swimchick.net by the way. And some random photos in deviantart and Emel Bayram photography (this person is awesome, google her!)

That's it, sorry if it was too long. Goodbye and have a nice weekend!


itsNikki said...

Just dropped by on your blog to check it out and thank God that I did. Interesting posts you have. Keep it up! xo

Fashio blogger

Galaxia said...

congrats on winning and nice photos!

Zelle ♥ said...

Thank you Nikki and Galaxia, you both have nice blogs too! :)