All Eyes on Her: Jasmine Curtis-Smith for Love, Bayo {Behind The Scenes & Photo Lust}

She's already got the looks and the celebrity connection to her advantage, so you just know it won't be long before Jasmine Curtis-Smith becomes the name on everyone's lips. Now, it looks like the 17-year-old stunner is on the fast track to becoming a household name—much like her older sister (Anne Curtis, of course, to those of you in the dark).

Love, Bayo, the youthful and trendy sister to the classic and feminine Bayo label, has enlisted Jasmine as the face to front the collection's campaigns and advertisements. If Bayo is the charming young lady who loves looking prim and proper in full skirts, delicate prints, and tailored cuts; Love, Bayo is the fashion-forward girl who isn't afraid to experiment with vivid hues, statement prints, and unusual details—tempered by basic cuts and classic silhouettes. With her zesty and fun-loving personality, Jasmine Curtis-Smith truly is the perfect match for Love, Bayo.

Browse through the gallery for Love, Bayo looks worn by Jasmine Curtis-Smith plus over 15 key pieces from the label's latest collection.

Love, Bayo is available in all Bayo stores nationwide. Check this store directory for the complete listing. Shop online at (Source: Female Network)

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Yeah, Bayo is so gorge ♥ Cool, will check it out :)