Hair Fetish! HOW TO: Famous fishtail side braid.

Hair fetish. That's what you call this blog entry. Lolol. I just had my hair cut really short, you know, the pixie-bob-like cut that's a bit longer so I can't do any of these lovely hairdos...not until after a year though lolol. This modern-bob cut hairstyle on my hair looks like this (but the bangs are parted to the side like the other picture):

(Photos from:

Had my haircut done by Ace at Glamour salon. I told him I wanted the one in the picture I pointed but a bit longer. I didn't expect that he'd understand 'a bit longer' as 'about a half-inch longer'. I was actually pertaining to cutting my hair so that it reaches the shoulders. It's not touching the shoulders at all! It's super short, which it makes this the shortest haircut I've ever gotten since I was five. Nevertheless, I like my new hair! I wanted to have it dyed though (with the Bubble hair dye of Etude House) but I think Mom wouldn't allow me because she thinks all hair products causes diseases like brain cancer, Alzheimer's and stuff (my grandma has Alzheimer's. Hair perming is a suspect).

Anyway. The fishtail braid is so in right now, even in Tumblr, there are lots of lovely photographs with pretty femmes wearing the hairstyle. Here is the link on how to do it! Thanks to Lauren Conrad and her team.

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