Hello blog. I am too lazy to write things happened today. I will anyway.

I woke up at 9AM. I didn't text today because I did not subscribe to unlimited text.
The first thing I did was finish my research proposal's title page and bg of study. This day is not what you call best. Dammit, I've noticed that my typing skills are getting barren.

We bought pizza and I didn't felt that it's very good. I wanted Yellow Cab. :*

OHMYGOOOD, PATD is near na! I have hoped to see PATD since I've heard about them going here. Please, sana makapanood ako at hindi mapansin ng adviser ko kung bakit ako absent. HAHAHHHAHA.

Anyway, about Pete's blog, if it's really him who wrote that entry, maybe that was the time he attempted suicide and that he decided to write Hum Hallelujah and that song 7 minutes in heaven (Atavan Halen). Remember the drug he used in the parking lot? Or is it not the parking lot? xD

GuhdBai for now.

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